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Ten Reasons to See a Nashville Dentist, Even If It Makes You Nervous

Ten Reasons to See a Nashville Dentist, Even If It Makes You Nervous

Ten Reasons to See a Nashville Dentist, Even If It Makes You Nervous
Dr. Jones
July 20, 2022

Dental anxiety is far more common than you might realize. Around four out of ten people experience fear when it comes to dentists, and 12% of them have extreme anxiety. Dental fear keeps people from going to a dentist.

 You can’t let dental anxiety keep you from routine dental care. Here are ten reasons why you must see a Nashville dentist, even if it makes you nervous.

 You Gain Confidence and Boost Your Self-Esteem

 Oral health has a great impact on your confidence and self-esteem. Cigna performed a study and found that nine out of ten people with excellent oral health report feeling confident and having a strong sense of self-esteem. Meanwhile, just over three out of ten with fair or poor oral health could say the same.

 By seeing a dentist for regular check-ups, you improve your oral health. Don’t let dental experiences from the past impact your attendance. Dentists like Dr. Jody Jones DDS understand dental phobia and work with you to make every visit stress-free.

 Your Tooth or Jaw Pain Is Resolved

 Living with tooth or jaw pain affects your diet. If you can’t chew harder foods, you’re not going to eat them, which means you avoid fresh fruits and vegetables, losing vital nutrients in the process.

 What keeps someone from seeing a dentist when they experience pain? Fear of the cost can be a big factor. Dentists will work with you. You may need some work done urgently, such as a filling for a cavity, but other issues, such as crooked or chipped teeth, can be managed when you have the resources.

 Tooth Crowding Can Damage Teeth

 When your teeth are crowded, it can cause damage to surrounding teeth. The pressure may cause neighboring teeth to crack. It can also make it hard to bite down on foods properly. Some teeth will take the brunt of the force. Another issue is the difficulty crowded teeth have with proper brushing and flossing. You can’t get the toothbrush bristles or floss to all surfaces of a tooth that’s pushed into other teeth.

 During your visit, your dentist can talk to you about the necessity of braces to prevent crowding. Again, if any of it causes you stress, there are methods that dentists can use to help you avoid anxiety during your visit.

 Proper Oral Care Prevents Gum Disease

 Twice-yearly visits to a dentist for a professional cleaning and exam help prevent gum disease. Gum disease is a major health issue as it can cause teeth to fall out, which impacts your ability to chew foods. Gum disease is also linked to several chronic health conditions that we’ll discuss in the next reasons to see a dentist.

 If gum disease is diagnosed, a Nashville dentist will work with you on the best treatment plan. It may mean more frequent visits for cleanings, but it’s better than the health risks associated with gum disease.

 Tooth Decay and Gum Disease Are Linked to Other Health Issues

 Tooth decay and gum disease have been linked to many other health issues. Heart disease, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s disease are all being studied due to the connections that seem to exist between these chronic health conditions and poor oral health.

 Researchers looked at the medical records of 65,000 people who’d suffered some type of cardiovascular health issue. Connections were found between those with poor oral health, often linked to smoking, and heart ailments. Plus, a bacterium found in people with gum disease is believed to travel to the blood vessels where it’s believed they increase inflammation and the risk of blood clots.

 Those blood clots can also increase the risk of stroke and dementia. Plus, the inflammation in the blood vessels can be problematic in people with high blood pressure. It’s also been found that people with diabetes have a higher risk of gum disease due to higher sugar levels in the saliva and the risk of dry mouth. Dry mouth can increase the risk of cavities and infections.

 Inflammation and plaque seem to be part of the connection. By taking care of your teeth, you may prevent health issues in the future. You don’t have to have a Hollywood smile to stay healthier, but you can get started by seeking two cleanings each year, undergoing exams to determine if you have gum disease, and undergoing treatments if you do.

 Missing Teeth or Crooked Teeth Can Keep You From Getting a Dream Job

 Your value to an employer shouldn’t be based on your looks, but the truth is it can. In a Cigna study, 12% of people felt missing teeth or a weak smile kept them from getting a dream job or promotion. And, 21% felt their current oral health or quality of their smile impacted how confident they felt during job interviews.

 Even small changes can help you gain confidence. If it helps you get the job or promotion of your dream, isn’t it worth seeing a dentist?

 Teeth Can Make or Break Your Chances for a Second Date

 Dentavox is an online marketing firm that looks at dental-related statistics. The firm surveyed people about their dating habits in relation to oral health.

 A whopping 88% ranked an attractive smile as one of the top reasons for choosing someone to date. Almost seven out of ten of those in the study reported poor oral health as a reason they chose not to date someone. Two out of ten admitted to breaking up with someone due to the person’s poor oral health.

 It Saves Money in the Long Run

 Catching dental issues in their earliest stages saves money. If you need a filling now but put it off, that more affordable filling could become a costly root canal. The earlier you see a dentist and start getting preventative treatments like sealants, the better it is for your wallet.

 Dentists Can Spot Early-Stage Oral Cancers

 Around 54,000 new cases of oral or oropharyngeal cancer were diagnosed in 2021. While this isn’t one of the most common cancers, it’s still a risk and early diagnosis plays an important role in survival rates. Finding oral cancer while it’s localized increases the chances of beating oral cancers.

 A dentist will examine your mouth for signs of cancer. If anything suspicious is found, it can be investigated and biopsied to see if it is cancer. The sooner it’s treated, the better your chances of a complete recovery.

 You’re Paying for Dental Insurance, So Stop Giving Your Money Away

 The final reason to see a Nashville dentist now is that you’re probably already paying for dental insurance. According to Delta Dental of Tennessee, the average monthly premium for dental insurance ranges from $22.93 to $37.47 per month, depending on your coverage and if you’re on a family or individual plan. Your employer may pay a portion of that.

 If you’re on the middle-tier (Superior Advantage) and never see a dentist, you’re spending more than $400 a year on insurance. If you haven’t been to the dentist at all, you’ve wasted $400+ that year. After five years of not seeing a dentist, you’ve wasted $2,000.

 Don’t let dental fear keep you from seeing a dentist. Nashville’s Jody Jones DDS offers sedation dentistry services so that you’re completely relaxed while still awake. It’s an ideal way to get caught up on dental care if fear has been keeping you from seeing a Nashville dentist.