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Do All Nashville Dentists Offer the Same Services?

Do All Nashville Dentists Offer the Same Services?

Do All Nashville Dentists Offer the Same Services?
Dr. Jones
July 25, 2022

Your dental needs seem extensive to you. To get the perfect smile and boost your self-confidence, you’re pretty sure you’ll need some teeth pulled and others are in clear need of fillings and maybe even a crown. After all of that is completed, you need braces. All of this is difficult as past experiences have left you terrified of visits with a dentist.

 Before you get started, it’s important to know that not every Nashville dentist will meet your needs. Dentists do not always offer the same menu of services. You need to decide if you’re okay seeing several dentists or if it’s better to find a dentist that offers all of the services you need.

 What Are the Different Types of Dentists?

 There are also 12 recognized dental specialties. A general dentist can undergo additional training in these dental specialties to expand the services they can offer their patients.

  1. General Dentist

A general dentist is the most common. This type of dentist handles general dentistry practices like cleanings and routine exams. If you need oral care that extends beyond cleanings and exams, the dentist may have to refer you to a dentist with specialized training.

  1. Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist specializes in the oral health of children from infancy through childhood.

  1. Endodontist

Issues with blood vessels and nerves within a tooth are treated by an endodontist. An endodontist performs procedures like root canals and endodontic surgeries. If you’re experiencing a lot of pain from a severely decayed tooth, an endodontist is a dentist you’d see.

  1. Orthodontist

When a dentist completes training to become an orthodontist, it leads to specialized expertise in the alignment of the teeth and jaw. An orthodontist is the dentist you go to for braces and retainers. If you’re looking for ClearCorrect custom trays to avoid having traditional metal braces, an orthodontist can help you.

  1. Periodontist

Periodontists specialize in the treatment of gum disease. They can also help with dental implants when gum disease has been diagnosed.

  1. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Surgical issues relating to the jaw, face, head, and neck are handled by oral and maxillofacial surgeons. They remove and biopsy tumors, remove wisdom teeth, and perform dental implants. These surgeons also handle traumatic jaw injuries and the removal of tumors and cysts.

  1. Prosthodontist

A prosthodontist works with patients to find the best method to restructure a jaw or restore missing teeth. They specialize in crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implants. If you’re looking at cosmetic dentistry improvements with teeth whitening or veneers, that’s also something a prosthodontist does. Plus, they specialize in the treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders.

  1. Oral Pathologist

An oral pathologist specializes in diseases of the mouth and jaw. They may not work directly with patients. Instead, they work in labs to diagnose diseases and consult with general dentists and other dental specialists to negotiate a patient’s treatment plan.

  1. Dental Anesthesiologist

When a patient needs anesthesia or sedation before or during a surgery or dental procedure, a dental anesthesiologist is called to administer the correct amount of medication before, during, and after the procedure or surgery.

  1. Orofacial Pain Specialist

Facial pain linked to disorders or pain in the head, neck, and jaw is referred to an orofacial pain specialist who diagnoses the pain and figures out the best care plan. They may also help consult with sleep-related disorders like sleep apnea.

  1. Oral Medicine Specialist

Patients who require medications for long-term conditions like dry mouth or persistent jaw pain may need to see an oral medicine specialist for dental care.

  1. Dental Public Health Specialist

This is not a dentist you work with. Dental public health specialists work to promote dental health within communities. They help with public service announcements to raise awareness in a community and with other services like group dental care programs.

How do you know which dentist is right? Always start with a check-up and cleaning with a general dentist and dental hygienist. Some dentists specialize in multiple areas of dentistry. If you choose a Nashville dentist that offers multiple services, you won’t need referrals to others. That can be a lot easier on your wallet and nerves, as you’re not forced to adjust to several different doctors.

Things to Know Before Your Appointment

Before you work with a specialist, you need to see a general dentist. Are there things you can do to make this go smoothly? Before you make an appointment with a Nashville dental office, you should verify that they accept your dental insurance, if you have that coverage. Use the insurance company’s app or print out your benefits page to know how much is covered. It can be disappointing to expect something is fully covered only to learn it’s not.

Ask about the current COVID policies. While many dental practices have dropped some of the restrictions that were in place years ago, it helps to know the current policies to be sure you’re helping keep other patients safe. Remember that a dental practice often has all ages, and people with certain medical conditions, such as cancer, may rely on social distancing and masks to lower their risk. If you’re the one who takes extra precautions, let the dentist know. They’re happy to talk to you about the precautions they take to keep you safe.

When you arrive for your first appointment, be ready to provide information the dentist needs to know. This includes a list of supplements and medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, that you take for your health. It’s important information to avoid interactions with medications the dentist may need to give you.

Don’t let fear keep you from seeing a dentist. Most dentists understand dental anxiety and will work on ways to help ease your fear to ensure you get the dental care you need. Not every dentist is able to do this, however, so make sure you’re choosing a Nashville dentist that specializes in sedation dentistry.

Choose a Dentist That Offers a Range of Services

Jody Jones DDS offers a range of dentistry services for your needs. Not only are we available for general dentistry in the Nashville area, but we’re also able to help with cosmetic, restorative, and orthodontic services in a spa-like environment.

Are you one of the large percentage of people with dental phobia? You’ll be happy to know we also specialize in sedation dentistry. We understand how difficult it can be to see a dentist when you suffer from anxiety. Talk to us about sedation dentistry techniques and how we can make your visit relaxed and stress-free.

 Our Nashville dental office offers free virtual consultations. Fill out a quick form and send us photos of your smile. Jody Jones DDS will record a personal video assessing your goals and treatment plan before you even have to go to the office. Schedule a free video consultation online and get answers to your questions without even having to leave your home.