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Best Cosmetic Dentists Near Franklin, TN

Best Cosmetic Dentists Near Franklin, TN

Best Cosmetic Dentists Near Franklin, TN
Dr. Jones
January 9, 2023

A few years ago, Cigna surveyed a number of its members regarding their “Smile Satisfaction” and how that impacted their self-esteem. The responses were clear. People who are completely happy with their smile have high self-confidence. Nine out of ten of those reporting happiness with their smile also say they are self-confident.

Consider the other side of this survey. Of those who dislike their smile, seven out of ten lack confidence. An entire 70% of people who do not like their smile do not feel confident in themselves. If a person hasn’t been to the dentist in the past year, 51% reported having poor self-confidence. There’s a trickle down effect that impacts your confidence during job interviews and at work.

No Tennessean should ever feel ashamed of how they look. Modern dentistry techniques can help you achieve the smile you desire in less time and often for less money than you might think. But, you need to work with a Tennessee cosmetic dentist who can do what you want and is honest if it’s not possible. That takes finding a specialist close to you, and it’s important that you know how to choose the best cosmetic dentist for your specific needs.

Find Out What Your Insurance Covers

Many cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance, but it never hurts to ask. You might find that insurance covers a portion of a treatment if it’s tied to a health issue.

For example, procedures like bridges or implants that replace missing teeth are counted as restorative and are usually covered partially or fully, depending on your plan. You may feel it’s cosmetic because you’re getting the smile you want, but dental insurance deems it restorative.

Once you understand what coverage is offered, look to see if your choice of Franklin, TN, cosmetic dentists are considered participating network dentists. Staying in the network saves money as insurance will cover part or all of your visit and dental work. If you go out of network, it ends up costing you more as your dental insurance may not cover the work you had done.

Read Online Reviews and Ask Friends Who They Use

Now that you know who your insurance lets you go to for exams and dental care, check out online reviews. Remember that negative reviews are not always clear indicators that a dentist is a poor choice. Sometimes, people have unrealistic ideas of what can happen and if a dentist says it’s not safe or won’t work, they’ll leave a negative review for that reason.

Another issue is that people may leave a review but they didn’t pick the right practice. You read a negative review for a cosmetic dentist near Franklin, Texas, but you’re in Tennessee. The person entered the review in the wrong location, so it’s an invalid review. The competition may get friends to leave negative reviews to make themselves look better. Always verify that negative reviews have validity.

Even if you’ve verified the review is legitimate, don’t let negative reviews scare you away yet. You need to look at the age of the review. If it’s from five years ago, has the practice changed hands? Are there newer dentists and other staff since that review was left?

Has the dentist changed practices since then after realizing mistakes were made? Do the negative reviews outweigh the positive ones? Some people are just harder to please. Research this information before making a final decision.

Ask your friends who they use. If you have friends you know you can trust as you have similar personalities, tooth complaints, or sensitivities, their recommendations are important.

What Can the Best Cosmetic Dentists Near Franklin, TN Do For You?

When Cigna interviewed its members, tooth discoloration was the one thing most people mentioned as being a problem. Even, straight teeth were also commonly mentioned. A cosmetic dentist can address these issues through a number of techniques.

  1. Bridges

A bridge is a group of teeth that are attached to your existing teeth or dental implants to replace missing teeth. They fill gaps and look just like real teeth. You can remove them to clean them.

  1. ClearCorrect Custom Trays

If your dream is to have straighter teeth but wire braces are unappealing, ClearCorrect is for you. You get a series of custom trays that are clear and virtually invisible within your mouth. You fit them in and they shift your teeth into their ideal position. As your teeth start shifting, you’ll move to the next tray to continue to realign the teeth to the desired positions.

  1. Dental Implants

While missing teeth can be replaced by bridges or dentures, some people opt to put in dental implants. The metal post is inserted and attached into the jawbone and an artificial tooth is placed onto that implant. A dental implant looks just like a real tooth and it’s just as strong. For people with low self-esteem with missing teeth, this can be a viable, permanent solution.

  1. Porcelain Crowns

When you break a tooth or have cavities that extend deep into the tooth and are too big for a traditional filling, porcelain crowns help restore the function and look of that tooth. A crown forms a cap that fits onto your remaining tooth to make it look real and protect the tooth against additional decay.

  1. Veneers

Veneers are a great solution to teeth with gaps, that are uneven, or with chips. A porcelain shell is carefully crafted and fitted onto a prepared tooth surface to create a tooth that is the color you want or that matches your existing teeth. that fills small gaps and makes teeth look more even. Veneers are ideal for:

  • Teeth that cannot be whitened using traditional whitening methods
  • Teeth that have gaps.
  • Teeth that need lengthening.
  1. Whitening

Whether you can’t get through the morning without a cup of coffee or you love having a glass of red wine with your friends after work, they stain your teeth over time. Home whitening kits can only do so much, and they can cause damage if you’re not careful. The trays in a DIY-whitening kit may not fit your mouth well and cut into your gums.

A dentist that specializes in teeth whitening can help lighten your teeth to their natural white. If the discoloration is caused by things that you can’t correct, such as usage of tetracycline drugs as a child, your cosmetic dentist will tell you and offer alternative options.

As you gain the smile of your dreams, make sure you’re also working with a dentist who helps you maintain your new smile. You want to go in for twice yearly cleanings. Even the best brushing habits aren’t a full replacement for cleanings and exams every six months.

Jody Jones DDS specialize in all of these restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Patients can schedule appointments online or call the office to set up an initial consultation. Dr. Jones accepts several dental insurances and offers convenient online payments. Schedule a consultation today and make sure you also go for general dentistry cleanings and exams to maintain your smile.