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Senior Oral Dental Care

Senior Oral Dental Care While a lot of attention gets paid to dental care for young children, there’s not enough discussion on an equally important area of dentistry, that is dental care for seniors. Just like other areas of health, as people age, our teeth and gums can start to deteriorate. Even minor ailments can… Continue reading Senior Oral Dental Care

Invisalign Jody Dentist

Invisalign – How Do They Work? Everyone wants to have a straight, beautiful smile, but the prospect of unsightly and uncomfortable braces can be daunting, especially for young people. The idea of headgear and retainers and rubber bands is sometimes enough to send people running from their orthodontist. But fortunately, thanks to new advances in… Continue reading Invisalign Jody Dentist

I Have A Broken Tooth

I Have A Broken Tooth. Can You Save The Tooth? Many people will put off going to the dentist for a checkup, but when you have suffered a broken tooth, you no longer have the luxury of procrastination. When it comes to emergency procedures, such as saving a broken tooth or capping a tooth that… Continue reading I Have A Broken Tooth

How To Properly Care For Your Tongue 

How To Properly Care For Your Tongue /h3> When thinking about proper dental care, most people don’t consider what to do about their tongue. However, the tongue is one of your most important and most frequently used muscles in the body, and no healthy regimen is complete without regular preservation and regard for it. In addition… Continue reading How To Properly Care For Your Tongue 

How Do You Know If Veneers Are Right For You

How Do You Know If Veneers Are Right For You? Are you thinking about getting veneers? This is a possible option for anyone who wants to ensure they have a great looking smile, but are especially attractive for those who have suffered a chipped tooth, a gap between teeth, or some other visual defect they… Continue reading How Do You Know If Veneers Are Right For You

Flossing is so important

Flossing is so important! Here’s why. In our experience, no one likes to floss their teeth, but getting a cavity filled is much worse. That’s why it’s important that you do everything you can to maintain a clean and healthy mouth, and that includes flossing on a daily basis. Today we’ll be taking a look… Continue reading Flossing is so important